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Task A Essay Structure

If this exam is important to you, you should try to leave nothing to chance. Excessive creative freedom can be a liability. You never know what your brain is going to come up with when you open that test booklet.

For this reason it’s important to have a premade essay structure which you can build around. Here is a very simple one which can help you channel your thoughts and get full marks.



  • From the 5 comments given on the paper, pick one you understand.
  • Make it your title.
  • Agree with it (It’s easier. If you can’t agree then you don’t understand. Pick another.)
  • Spend some time planning your argument before you start writing. The faster your handwriting the more time you can spend thinking. I personally spend 15 minutes planning and 15 writing, but don’t get hung up on this.


How To Choose An Essay Title

I always advocate choosing an essay title based on one of the five given comments. Choose one and make it your essay title. Which one do you choose? The one you understand the best.
All the big marks on the exam go for three things:

  • Showing you understand the quote you are responding to
  • Demonstrating that you’ve thought deeply about it
  • Communicating those thoughts in a clear and structured manner

Taking one of the given quotes to be your essay title forces you to respond to it directly. It infuses your writing with this specific focus and prevents you from losing marks for wandering off topic.

Below is an essay sent in by a student. Have a read of it, and afterwards I will explain how it could be improved by further developing the principles I just explained. More…

GAMSAT Essay on War + Corrections

Here’s an essay on a popular topic among Gamsat students: war.

Have a read of the essay below. Afterwards I will explain a couple of problems with it and how it could be improved.

“I have never advocated war except as a means of peace” – Ulysses S. Grant

The question of whether there is ever a just reason to go to war is an issue that has been debated from a number of points of view. Ulysses S. Grant once stated that “I have never advocated war except as a means of peace”, the point I think he is trying to make with this statement is that he would never condone a declaration of war on another nation/opposing faction for such mainstream reasons that have plagued international relations in the past such as; to settle a dispute between leaders, eg The Hundred Years War between England and France, or to increase a nation’s territory either at home or abroad. Instead he states that he would be in favour of war if it would lead to peace. For instance when Tokugawa Ieyasu fought a war against Ishida Mitsuhide which culminated in victory for the Tokugawa forces at the Battle of Segikahara, Ieyasu’s objective was too bring an end to the constant fighting of the previous century of Japanese history. With his victory Ieyasu was able to forge a peace in Japan that lasted for over 250 years with the founding of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

In contrast to the view of Ulysses S. Grant is the belief that there are just reasons for war with no thought of peace afterwards. For instance war may be necessary to stop the ambition’s of a nation in domination of it’s neighbours, and to stop them doing evil. On of the key examples of this would be the declaration of war on Germany by Britain, her Empire, and France at the start of the 2nd World War. Having tried to appease Hitler during the previous 3 years and failing to stop his ambitions for Europe these 2 nations realised that it would take a war to stop Hitler. As such they were not declaring war to achieve a peace directly but to stop the ambitions of Hitler’s Germany. More…

A Good GAMSAT Essay Example

The following is an example of a great (Task A) essay sent in by a GAMSAT student. Give it a read first, and then I will explain a few problems with it and give suggestions as to how it might be improved.


“That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and, hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.” Abraham Lincoln.

Does inequality benefit society?

Many in favour of unfettered capitalism have argued that the wealth of the few provides inspiration for the many. They would claim it boosts economic activity and makes everyone better off. However, in truth, severe inequality of wealth is bad both for economies and societies.

For a start, the argument that the rich are an inspiration to the poor relies on the assumption that the wealthy have earned their money through hard work or enterprise. This is often not the case. In fact, the longer a society continues in a state of inequality, the more wealth is inherited rather than earned. What kind of “encouragement to industry and enterprise” is provided by someone born into their wealth?

What’s more, societies that are unequal tend to become more so. Inequality of wealth perpetuates itself. By concentrating wealth – and therefore, crucially, resources in a few hands – countries are less able to provide for all their citizens. Poor education, housing and a lack of opportunities keep the poor in poverty. Nepotism is rife in unequal societies, allowing the children of the wealthy to prosper even before they inherit anything.


GAMSAT Students: Why You Need To Be More Confident

Lack of confidence is the fundamental issue at the core of many students’ essay writing troubles. If you ever suffer from ‘writer’s block’, have difficulty coming up with ideas or find yourself relying on broad generalisations in your essays, you need to read this. 

Below is an essay written by a student who is just like you.


Driving with a provisional license

If we look at the world today, young people have become mini-adults. They are growing up at an accelerated rate due to responsibilities bestowed upon them prematurely or pressure from peers. It is paramount that parents and guardians aid in their child’s physical, mental and emotional growth. The struggles are apparent, but should not take precedent to the wellbeing and development of the child.
In the current state of inflation, it becomes difficult to foot all of the bills. Many parents are working multiple jobs to ensure the security of their household. Childcare in itself is increasingly expensive that it may be of benefit to have a parent stay home. In a single parent household it becomes an increasing challenge to provide as well as spend time with the family. Though it may pose an obstacle it is important that a child leaves and comes back home to a parent or guardian.

In addition peer pressure is a constant phenomenon that causes young people and even adults to sway from values they hold. As a teenager I wasn’t interested in going out to concerts and parties. Due to peer pressure I attended a Chris Brown concert, which I didn’t enjoy in the slightest. Friends and people of the same age group can influence action, thoughts and feelings. Therefore it crucial to have a support system at home to aid in such situations. Some parents due to overworking do not know where their children are half of the time.

Absentee parents can cause young children to mature and be doing things that the parents should. A child may be sixteen and old enough to care for a younger sibling, but that child also needs to be cared for. Often young people resent their parents that are constantly working as it adds pressure they are not ready for. Due to ‘playing the adult’ they may show symptoms of fatigue.